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We believe that our patients are the best judges of the quality and service of our dentistry in Thousand Oaks, California. Read what our patients are saying about West Family Dentistry below.



Wonderful Dentist! Calm, toughtful and sincere. No pain during cleaning or filling (I have had lots in the past so was very worried). Fair prices and no waiting. Great find!

- Meghan K. Moorpark, CA (review posted on Yelp 7/25/2011)

Awhile ago, I had a killer toothache so I made an emergency appt after quickly looking up local dentists. Dr. West got me in THAT DAY and took care of the cavity. I am very sensitive to pain but I was comfortable the entire time. After that, I decided to use him as my own dentist.

Just magazines in their waiting room but they have Dish Network TV in their patient rooms so if you want to be distracted from the dental work, you're set! I must stress again that I am very pain sensitive but he's been great with numbing me out to any pain. Because of he and his staff, I've made my regular checkups: with other dentists, I've only gone in once every 3-4 years, so it takes a lot for me to be comfortable with a dentist.

They only accept PPO (not DMO) insurance but it's worth it: the last few DMO dentists I've had do their cleanings in 5-10 minutes and are always trying to push unnecessary services to make $$$ e.g. a Moorpark dentist and her staff wanted me to redo my inlays. At a cost of $3k!!! Dr. West looked at mine and said they were fine.

- Michael S. Moorpark, CA (posted on Yelp 8/12/2011)

I first came to West Family Dentistry because of the excellent reputations of both Drs. West.
Two things make this practice unique. First, it's a true family dentistry, in both meanings of the word family. West Family Dentistry accepts all ages as patients, so the whole family can come. The office is set up to make patients aged 1-99 feel comfortable. Second, Dr. Roger and Dr Vanessa are married, and as such all cases are joint cases in a way that's more deeply connected than other joint practices. You get the best of both dentists when you see either one. Second, the thoroughness of all procedures and the awareness of both Drs. West to new and improved techniques is a cut above. Dr. Roger and Dr. Vanessa seem to spend all their spare time educating themselves on the latest dental practices and breakthroughs. They care about their patients not just in an emotional sense of the word, but also in the more practical sense. They willingly devote time to the constant upgrade of their practice for the improved care of of their patients.

My first visit (in September, 2009) was with Dr. Vanessa, who gave me the most comprehensive annual exam I have ever received. She utilized a device to check the gums above each tooth as well as checking the teeth themselves. Xrays (of course) were also taken, and the exam was followed by a very thorough tooth cleaning.
My second visit (in December, 2009) was of an emergency nature. I broke a back molar, nearly to the root, while snacking late one evening (!) I called the West Family dentistry office the next morning, and Dr. Roger agreed to stay late that day to accommodate me, despite an already full schedule. He worked on my mouth for over two hours, doing some savvy sculpting of the remainder of the broken tooth to avoid a need for a root canal. He took all the measurements necessary to make a permanent crown and fitted me with a very comfortable temporary crown on the spot. I found out later that he had missed seeing his son in a nursery school holiday program because he worked late to take care of me, although he did not mention anything on that subject himself. Less than two weeks later, I returned to have Dr Roger install my perfect-fit permanent crown, which fortunately took only 15 minutes! My teeth, including that new crown, have been great ever since.
I've always taken care of my teeth, but I've never been completely happy with a dentist before. For example, one dentist I used to see did not combine exams with tooth cleanings, so I had to make two visits to do what should have been done in one. That same dentist would not arrive early or stay late to handle emergencies. Another prior dentist made a sloppy crown, which I needed replaced in about two years.

Now I feel a level of comfort and security with West Family Dentistry that I have not previously experienced. I know the exams and treatments are of the best quality. I also know both Dr. Wests consider me and all their patients to be an extension of their family. As such, they will go the extra mile, such as staying late for an emergency (like they did with me), to make sure each patient receives prompt care as well as the best quality care. I love knowing that no matter what happens to my teeth or my children's teeth, it will be handled completely and quickly.

- Susan S

I was happy that Dr. West had a computerized tool to check my gums, therefore giving me an accurate report on the health of my gums. My previous dentist hadn't done any gum measurements for the past few years and when he had in previous years, he used a metal tool to poke at my gums which was not as accurate. I was amazed to find out that I had some pretty deep pockets. I now use PerioProtect daily and it has kept my gums healthy and, as an added bonus, has whitened my teeth! Dr. West is also very gentle which I really appreciate.

- Ann Gomes

The employees at West Family dentistry are personable and friendly. Dr. West walked me through the procedure and was careful to explain why it was needed and how long we could wait before proceeding, even using pictures of my teeth to help me to better understand the problem.
I have had my teeth checked and cavities filled. The outcome was great - no problems, no complaints.
It was a very comfortable and easy dental experience.

- Mary Jo

Dr. West provided very individualized and thorough treatment when I visited her office. She utilized a variety of technology, listened to my needs and provided advice that allowed me to make well-informed decisions about caring for my dental health.
Dr. West conducted full X-rays, checked for gum recession and did a small white filling of a cavity along with a thorough cleaning. As a result, I no longer felt a rough surface on my tooth where I was losing my previous filling.
West Family Dentistry made a positive difference in my life by providing me with the preventative care and information I need to maintain the longevity of my oral health. By treating me as a valued patient, they have shown that they understand my individual needs and will continue to provide me with the highest quality care.

- Karen Lyzun

Dr. West and his staff know all their patients. Whenever I call, the receptionist knows exactly who I am. I love that I am treated like a person, not just another chart, by everyone at their office
I've had exams and cleanings, several fillings, and a root canal done. The cleanings and exams were thorough, and more gentle than some I've had at other dental offices. I had to have the root canal done as an emergency - another dentist had missed that the tooth was infected at an exam not too long before. I was grateful that Dr. West listened to me more carefully when I complained about that particular tooth, or else I might have lost it completely.
The main reason I went to West Family Dentistry in the first place was that I had recently had an exam from another dentist, where I was told that I needed several thousands of dollars worth of work done, including about 8 fillings and 3 crowns. I was devastated when I left their office. I decided to get a second opinion, and went to the West's practice. After an exam, Dr. West told me that the other dentist had likely been recommending work that was mainly for cosmetic reasons. I saved thousands of dollars. I really appreciate having a dentist that I feel I can trust to do the right thing for my teeth, and not for his pocket.

- Bethany S

I enjoyed my experience at West Family Dentistry and will continue to go back for my dental care. They were very thoughtful and caring when it came to following-up on my procedures. They gave me helpful advice and recommendations to improve my sensitive tooth. I felt like they truly wanted the best for me. They were very knowledgeable and were able to explain every step of the procedure I was having done. I felt very calm knowing what to expect and what was happening at that moment. Dr. West was very gentle and made sure that I was comfortable the whole time. It usually takes me a long time to get numb and they were very patient. On top of being a great dentist, they have a great practice. I was able to relax and watch T.V. during my procedures. Their dental office is very clean and modern with the newest and most innovative equipment. I will continue to go to West Family Dental even if it means traveling to Southern California.

- Marisa M

I came to West Family Dentistry after spending 2 1/2 years with my last dentist who was unwilling to improve the appearance of my teeth. I met Dr. West at a Health Fair at University Village, and had heard about the practice from friends. When I came to the office I expressed that I was unhappy with my smile and Dr. West gave me several suggestions on how we could improve my smile in order to accomidate my needs. Dr. West stands apart from other dentists by focusing on her patient's needs. She is efficient, pleasant, and always made me feel very comfortable while I was in her care.
When I arrived at the office was interested in changing my smile. I wanted my teeth to look more natural and beautiful. Dr. West performed multiple comestic crowns and bridges. She cleaned out my cavities and replaced my missing teeth while improving my smile. After the treatment was completed the outcome was more than I expected. My teeth look beautiful, they are functional, and best of all I love my smile. When I showed my family and friends the outcome of my time spent at her office everyone was smiling, even me.
I smile all the time. In fact, if you could see me now, I'm smiling! I am able to enjoy myself more, especially when I am around others. I am finally able to laugh and smile widely without fearing what others will think of my teeth. Because of this, my self confidence has improved and I am a happier person.

- Helen H
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